With your wedding day is almost here, you must have finalised with your wedding outfit, jewelleries and all the necessary proceedings. But what about your hair ? Afterall, a hairstyle that looks gorgeous on someone with long & straight locks may not necessarily suit you if you’ve got short & wavy hair.
So, once you’re getting familiar with your hair type & texture, you can move to decide on a suitable hairstyle which your hair will hold well & help you flaunt your complete beauty.
Here Bollywood Cuts N Brows have enlisted 3 of the best bridal hairstyles as per your hair type and texture.

Straight & Long Hair :
Sleek, straight & long hair are comparatively easier to manage. They are silky & flowy. But one flaw is you can’t hold a curl for much longer. For this reason, a Slick but tight-fitted bun can be a perfect pick. It looks classy and elegant. Besides, you can even try hairstyles like a loosely braided updo (for the reception) or keep your hair plain jane with a centre partition.

Curly Hair :
If you’re born with curly hair, how much you try to straighten it, it will go back to its natural curly form within a few hours. So, it’s better to opt for a style that’s suits your natural texture. E.g. you can try as easy as a top knot bun beautified with some embellished bobby pins or a side bun with some loose curly bangs in front for that quintessential retro look. If you don’t want to tie your hair into a bun, you can even ditch opting for an updo and simply keep your tresses down.
Thick & Coarse Hair
Thick and coarse hair can be disorderly and hard to manage. But if you separate them into sections and reduce their density a bit, pinning them into a hairstyle gets easier. Moreover, there are so many unique and different ways you can style your thick hair, like dress them up into a twisted half updo, braid them tightly or make an elaborate chignon bun out of them. You can even consider some cascading hairstyles as they add smoothness & mobility to the hair.
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