5 Must Have Makeup Kits for Indian Brides


Getting a perfect look actually depends on what kind of makeup you are using. Being a professional bridal makeup artist, we firmly suggest upgrading your bridal makeup kit if you are to look flawless on your wedding day. Here we have short-listed a ‘five must-have’ beauty makeup products list that will surely help you get the most desired look for your wedding-day and beyond.

  • Foundation

We suggest to have a liquid foundation on your kit as it is so easy to blend and tend to give you the most natural look.

  • Primer

Applying makeup will be not enough if don’t use a good primer to stick your makeup intact for a longer period of time.

  • Mascara

Apply a few swipes of mascara before applying false lashes and softly darken your lower lashes a bit for extra highlight.

  • Lipstick

As the lipstick serves as the final touch to your makeup, this is a staple in your bridal beauty stash.

  • Blotting Paper

Last but certainly not least, a blotting paper is a must-have for touch ups as it helps wipe-off any unwanted smudges.

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