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5 Nail Care Tips for Healthy Living 2019 | Bollywood Cuts N Brows

If you are counting on smart and attractive appearance to make an impression, including your nails too. You probably need a perfect nail salon like Bollywood Cuts N Brows at Blackburn. A neatly maintained nail is an essential part of your healthy living. As our lifestyle gets hectic these days, we hardly seem to take care of it. It’s quite true that no matter how stylish your outfit is, if your nails are not up to the mark, everything gets over.

Here Bollywood Cuts N Brows, best hair and nail salon provides you 5 easy & effective nail care tips, which can help you get the healthy & good-looking nails.

Keep Your Nails Clean & Dry :

Bacteria growing under your fingernails can lead to several contaminations & diseases. That’s why it is important that you keep your nails clean on a regular basis. Besides, a prolonged contact with water can result in split fingernails. So while doing the dishes or using harsh chemicals, always wear a pair of protective gloves.

Trim/Cut Your Nails Periodically :

Use a sharp manicure scissors or nail cutters to trim your nails straight across and then round slightly at the tips for the maximum strength. A periodical cutting & trimming will not only keep your nails look great but also any unwanted bacteria growth.

Avoid using Harmful Nail-care Products :

Don’t get lured by cheap nail-care products. Any Ph-imbalanced chemical can harm your nails for good. Always use a branded nail paints and acetone-free nail paint remover.

Maintain A Nutritious Diet :

Indulge in a calcium-rich diet. Eat fish, soy products, lentils, green leafy vegetables, dry fruits and milk products in order to get healthy nails.

Don’t Forget Your Toenails: Toenails are as important as your fingernails. They too need to be cut, trimmed and cleaned periodically. If you find your toenails too thick and difficult to cut, soak your feet in warm salt water for 5 to 10 minutes. After that, you can cut your toenails easily.

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