If you want to brighten your skin tone then Bleaching is probably the best option you have. We at Bollywood Cuts N Brows, provide a flawless Facial Bleaching service for your skin tone that will not only brighten your complexion, but also even the skin tone. Do not waste hundreds of thousand bucks on costly visits to the dermatologist whereas we are here with a large array of effective bleaching solutions one can opt for.

Facial Bleaching service

Bleaching is one of the most-used methods by the millions of people around the world for skin-care purpose. It is generally categorized as Bleach for Face, Neck, Full Hands, Half Hands, Full Back, Half Back and Full Body Bleach.

At Bollywood Cuts, our beauticians are fully experienced in providing you an expert bleaching service perfectly suitable for individual skin. Pay a visit to us and get the best of results.

Book your appointment now to experience the refreshing skin care bleaching service at Bollywood Cuts.

Our service includes :

Oxy Bleach

• Fruit Bleach

• Gold Bleach

Anti-Whitening Bleach

• Body Polishing