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How to Quickly Sanitize Your Makeup Kits

It is important for you to sanitize everything that may come in contact with your skin to contain the spread of coronavirus. Besides the metallic and glass surfaces that you touch, it is your makeup kit and beauty products that touch your skin. If you have not made it a habit to clean and sanitize your beauty products regularly, then you need to start now!

One of the leading Indian makeup artists in Blackburn tells you how to keep various beauty products free of any contagious bacteria/virus with some rubbing alcohol and spray bottle.

Makeup Brushes

Sprinkle bristles as well as the stalk of the brushes with rubbing alcohol. Clean and dry the brushes using a soft cotton pad. Your makeup brushes can also be cleansed with alcohol-based brush cleansers or mild shampoos.

Powders and Palettes

Put rubbing alcohol in the spray bottle and use it to spray directly over the powder. After that you just need to leave the powder to air-dry.

Pencils and Sharpeners

Leave the sharpener in a bowl filled with rubbing alcohol for about 5 minutes before wiping it clean with a dry cotton pad. For pencils, just spray rubbing alcohol over them and wipe it with a dry cotton round.

Liquid Foundation

Take a cotton pad/ball and soak it in rubbing alcohol. Use the alcohol-wet cotton to give the foundation bottle and its nozzle a solid cleaning.

Now that you know the drill for sanitizing makeup kit and beauty products, make it a habit to keep them clean.

It is always important to sanitize your makeup kits in this given COVID-19 pandemic situation and make yourself & your family as much protected as you can.

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Image by DARSHAK PANDYA from Pixabay

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