Undoubtedly, one of the most special days for bride and groom is their wedding day. It is the very event which the couples are going to cherish throughout their life. Therefore, everything has to be just perfect, especially the bridal makeup. As we are living in a trendy era, one’s bridal makeup is quite important as it enriches her beauty and makes her look gorgeous to the guests and for social media.

So as a bride, if you are going to get married recently, you must consider these 6 essential tips that can make you of centre of attraction in your wedding day.

Go Natural

Natural look is trending nowadays. This look helps display your confidence as a bride. Therefore, instead of putting heavy makeup, you can just go for light weight, nude shades that augments your natural look. Choose a cream blush, smoky black eyes and light lips. You can get the best result with a proper guidance of a stylist.

Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing

As a bride, if you want a long lasting effect as far as your skin tone goes, you need to cleanse tone and moisturize on a regular basis. Cleansing will reduce blackheads and acne. It also keeps the skin soft, smooth and vibrant. Use a good cleanser for the job. Follow it up with an Aloe Vera based toner and a non co-medogenic moisturizer. Keep in mind the SPF factor for daytime use.

Exfoliate your skin weekly

Before putting on makeup, exfoliate your face at least once a week in order to remove the dead skin cells. In this case make sure you don’t over-exfoliate your face as it can make the skin dry. Use brown sugar and olive oil mixture as a scrubber or just buy a good one.

Dust powder on those eyes

This is a very easy and convenient method of avoiding smudging of eyeliners. You just need to use some loose powder and spread it over your eyelids before applying the eye make up for the wedding day. This will help your eye-makeup stay intact for a longer period of time.

Fill up brows and use fake lashes

Nowadays, fake eye lashes are hot in trend. More brides are getting prone towards it as they add an extra glamour quotient and make you perfect for great wedding snaps. So, if you find it comfortable enough, do go for wearing false lashes. To shape up the sparse brows, try brown shades or taupe to get the desired result. Also use powder to fill your eye brows instead of using pencil.

Get enough rest

Last but certainly not the least; an adequate sound sleep is very essential for a bride as it can make the face look refreshed and vibrant. A timely sleep will help get over all the stress and tension that almost every bride goes through because of several rituals and ceremonies. In fact, the more sleep the bride will get, the better her skin will appear.

Those were some of the latest tips to make you look picture perfect for your wedding day. For more tips on make ups you should always consult with an expert Indian bridal makeup artist.

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